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We provide business valuation services to our clients. Business valuation services can be as comprehensive as preparing a full business valuation report which includes a conclusion of value or can be limited to providing a calculation of value using sound financial and valuation methods and techniques. Valuation services also include assisting management in developing a strategic business plan for growth, exit strategies for the founders or current owners, and a well formulated business strategy for growth and financial success.

Business valuations are required for a variety of purposes and reasons. We have summarized a few of the more common reasons where a business valuation can be useful and important to have.

Business Reasons

  • Buy/Sell agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Financing
  • Sale/Purchase of a business
  • Split-ups/Spin-offs
  • Succession Planning

Tax Purposes

  • Adequacy of Life Insurance
  • Estate and Gift Taxes
  • Gifting Programs
  • Executive Compensation
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Allocation of acquisition price

Litigious Situations

  • Disruption of a business
  • Divorce from a spouse or business partner
  • Economic loss analysis
  • Partner disputes
  • Dissenting shareholder actions
  • Eminent Domain

The process of determining the value of a business is very complex taking into account many factors both of a financial and non-financial nature. Past financial performance and key economic indicators play a major role in determining an appropriate value for your business. The value of having an independent and objective analysis from a qualified valuation professional should not be underestimated. The goal of a qualified professional business valuator is to provide you with an independent, knowledgeable, credible valuation without personal or emotional issues influencing the analysis and conclusions. In addition to our professional experience our associations with many different types of clients provide a unique perspective in our approach to providing these types of services.